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A cottage dormer is usually located to the front elevation of a property, they are built using stud work and are usually finished in a range of hanging tiles to marry into the existing roof, or finished in lead. A cottage dormer is a vertical window with it’s own roof positioned within the slope of a roof incurring a lead valley at both sides.

Cottage dormer’s are a fantastic way to achieve additional headroom in your Loft Conversion, building a cottage dormer will open your loft area and will make the most out of the roof space available.

Getting the design of a cottage dormer right is essential when carrying out a loft conversion because if they are built too big, the results will look terrible as they overpower the rest of the property.

Top Storey can help you from the initial design stage right to completion of your new cottage dormer. Book your free design visit today.

We guarantee that your overall expectations will be exceeded and that your loft conversion will not only look fantastic when we finish but will also look great for years to come.

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