Types Of Loft Conversions

Practical Loft Conversions !

As the premier Loft Conversion company in the North East, Top Storey Lofts are extremely proud of our reputation, we use our extensive skills and knowledge to provide you with the perfect living space for your needs, guaranteed.

If you want an extra bedroom for your expanding family or for guests, or if you just want somewhere to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet, a Loft Conversion could be your answer. Extending your home doesn’t have to mean that you have to build into your valuable garden area, a Loft Conversion can provide you with internal space while allowing you to keep your external space too.

At Top Storey Lofts we’re committed to providing you with a useable new space that suits your needs, no matter what you have planned for your new loft. As we’re a registered Loft Conversion company, you’re guaranteed a reliable, professional approach.

Thanks to our experience we understand what best and practical conversion will suit your home, which if you allow us to design and build your Loft Conversion we may enhance your home. We only use the very best, British Standard materials, meaning that your beautiful new attic space will continue to delight you for years to come, while adding significant value to your home.



Types of Loft Conversions

At Top Storey, we can work to help you create a Loft Conversion that’s personal to you.

Working with industry leading materials, we can help transform your loft into a personal living space, ideal for office spaces, bedrooms or just a place to enjoy some quiet relaxation.

Top Storey Lofts can convert any type of loft with any type of roof, including Gabled, Hipped, Gable, Flat, Truss, Dormers, and even unusual roof shapes, our Loft Conversions will be tailored to suit you.

Velux Conversions
Velux Conversions are available for the majority of roof types and are ideal if what you have in mind for your conversion is to add extra bedrooms and bathrooms to your family home.
Cottage Dormer Conversions
A cottage dormer is usually constructed to add or maintain the character of a property. They create additional headroom within the existing loft space and are externally aesthetically pleasing. The cottage dormer roof is usually tiled to blend with the existing roof colour, as are the dormer face and cheeks, to make it appear as though it was built with the property.
Truss Loft Conversions
While Truss Loft Conversion can be technically more demanding, there’s no reason why you can’t have your ideal Loft Conversion built into your truss loft. Our expertise means that your truss loft conversion will be carried out to the highest standard, no matter what size or shape your loft, or what designs you have in mind.
Roof Lift Conversions
This type of conversion is mainly suitable for detached houses and detached bungalows however on a few occasions Top Storey Loft Conversion’s have altered the pitch on semi’s, the roof line already been at a higher level than adjacent property.
Dormer Conversions
Dormer conversions are a practical and aesthetically pleasing way to create extra floor and headroom in a loft conversion, opening up to the possibility of owning a small balcony and increase the use of natural light.
Hip to Gable & Hip End
An Hip to Gable an Hip End is where the existing roof is extended to meet the gable end and the gable wall is then built up to meet the new roofline. The new gable is usually built up in brick, or rendered to match the existing gable wall.